Our employees “have been greatly benefitted by the services of Michael Tye and his company.  He has provided extremely valuable information in trying to sort through the various policies that are available to our company but most importantly, when problems arise he has been, in many cases, the only one to help our employees through difficult situations in dealing with the insurance companies.  We call on him on a regular basis to sort through problems that, as ordinary lay people, are almost impossible to deal with were it not for his expertise.”

-Office manager of law firm that represents 6 cities and police departments!
Client since 1996

Advanced Benefit Center “has provided excellent health insurance services to my companies for over 10 years. While most health insurance providers can make sure you’re covered, Michael takes extra care to ensure that we have just what we need, no more no less. His team of dedicated professionals has a remarked quick response time to our questions and concerns either with a call or visiting our offices. Their annual reviews are detailed and very helpful especially during the past two years of economic challenges. Michael stays abreast of his industry and thus brings a high level of expertise, often providing our staff with free seminars and webinars to share his insights as well as providing a peek into what is coming on the health care horizon. We’re very glad he’s on our team!”

-CEO and “Serial entrepreneur”
Client since 2002

A friend of mine said that “Excellence is the best business plan”.  I could not find a better statement that defines Advanced Benefit Center.  You have become to me and my growing company an invaluable asset, and I plan to have you as such for many years to come.

-CEO, party rental supplies
Client since 2000

“ABC has been our benefits administrator for over 3 years and during that time our annual insurance renewals have been flawless and all of our insurance inquiries have been swiftly addressed and solved.”

-Office Manager of large regional CPA firm
Client since 2007

“If you are looking for dependable, down-to-earth, very responsive health services specialists to help you understand and navigate all the new health coverage laws, communicate in words you can understand while helping you keep you costs down and your employees feeling secure about their health coverage and options, I highly recommend Advanced Benefit Center.”

-Operations Manager, lighting distributors
Client since 1999

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