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HR Support Services

Our clients receive these valuable services at NO COST! As our client, you’ll experience free, unlimited and live consultations with the most prestigious firms in the country. Not “web-based searches”, but live attorneys and consultants that will listen to your healthcare issues and provide you with the best practices, based on the most current state and federal guidelines.

Employee Support Services

Your employees need to be focused on producing the products, or providing the services, your company offers your customers. When your benefits are not working at maximum effectiveness, our professionally trained, highly effective customer service team is just a phone call away of correcting the problem.

Whether it takes one phone call or dozens of hours (and it has), our team owns that issue until it is resolved with optimal outcomes.


EaseCentral – Online Enrollment HR Solution

Online enrollment eliminates the need for paper forms, reduces errors and gives you access to real-time updates on open enrollment progress. We setup your online enrollment portal with your company logo and employee information. All employees get a unique login to explore and learn about their benefit options and reference information about their elections year-round.